Tariff of fees

Deed of Postponement – £115.00

This fee applies when a Deed of Postponement is necessary. It covers additional administrative charges for dealing with solicitors and completing the forms.

Valuation fee – Up to £50 + Valuer’s costs

This charge covers the cost for the RICS valuer to perform a valuation and provide a report on a mortgaged property. Our fee covers instructing the valuer and finalising negotiations between the borrower and lender. Once a valuation has been executed, the entire fee is non-refundable. If the valuation is performed for a mortgage repayment, the lender may cover 50% of this fee’s cost.

Property letting – £90.00

Subletting is generally not allowed, except in exceptional circumstances. This fee covers the cost of dealing with the correspondence related to this subject.

Management fee (payment collection) – £4.00 per month (plus annual RPI increases)

This monthly fee may be applicable in cases where monthly payments are made by methods other than direct debit.

Redemption fee – £200.00

This fee is charged when you redeem your mortgage. It covers the administrative work involved during and following the redemption process.

Bank Transfer Fee – £30.00

This is the fee charged when HMS makes a CHAPS payment on your behalf.